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September 19, 20230

It is unlikely that anyone will be able to explain why a person brushes his teeth. Everyone knows that a toothbrush cleans teeth of plaque. Small deposits on the enamel can eventually turn into stones and cause a number of diseases. The same problems threaten our four-legged friends if we do not properly care for their oral cavity. To the surprise of many, it has long been known that animals, just like us, need a toothbrush and toothpaste. In this regard, many questions immediately arise: how and with what to brush a dog’s teeth at home, what products to choose for the hygiene procedure, and how often should we clean and maintain our pets’ oral hygiene?

Should you brush your dog’s teeth?

Many dog owners still doubt whether it is worth burdening their dog with such a rather complex and unusual procedure as brushing their teeth. Finally, the animal chews through the bones and eats dry food. But this is not enough to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. Residues of food can “remain” in the spaces between the teeth, settle there in the dental plate and at the same time form tartar.

How to properly brush your dog’s teeth? Animal care

First of all, you need to think about what is needed for this. For regular cleaning of the oral cavity, you will need a set of the simplest hygiene products: toothpastes for dogs, sprays and gels.

Special toothbrush. Of course, it should not look like a human toothbrush, it can be purchased at veterinary clinics. The dog brush has much softer bristles, as well as a special shape adapted to the structure of her mouth.

Toothpaste for dogs. The regular one will not work for one simple reason: the dog will definitely swallow most of the paste, if not all. It can be toxic to four-legged pets. And special pet care pastes are harmless, given the fact that they can get into the dog’s digestive system. Pastes and brushes also have a pleasant bonus: a scent that is attractive to the pet (for example, liver or chicken ). You can purchase it at veterinary clinics.

Finger brush for gum massage. This will ensure adequate blood flow to the gums, which means prolonging the healthy life of teeth. You can get it from veterinary clinics.

Useful tips

During the procedure, try to pet your pet and talk to him in a calm tone.

Do not delay oral treatment. This should take no more than a few minutes.

If the dog shows desperate resistance, postpone the process.

How often should you brush your dog’s teeth?

It is better to maintain pet hygiene every day. But if you don’t have much free time, you should brush your mouth at least twice a week. As already mentioned, puppies do not need careful oral and dental care.

How to brush your dog’s teeth? Types of toothpastes and toothbrushes

When choosing oral hygiene products for animals, you should consider the size, habits, breed, character and behavior.

  • Oral liquid or gel
  • Teeth cleaning gel
  • Foam dispenser for removing stones
  • Rinses for fresh breath 
  • Oral spray


Caring for our loved ones is difficult, but incredibly important. After all, every dog owner strives to ensure that his pet lives a long time and does not suffer from various diseases. This is why it is very important to brush your dog’s teeth regularly.

How and with what to brush a dog’s teeth at home is a question that worries all concerned owners. Oral care is no less important than proper nutrition, exercise and walking. Many pet health problems can be avoided by making teeth brushing a regular and enjoyable activity.

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