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BlogCommon myths about feeding pets

August 21, 20230

Well, of course, we all know how important animal care (cat care, dog care) and feeding is. Five common dog and cat nutrition myths.

1.If your pet eats wet and dry food, they must be the same brand.

In our opinion, this is not at all necessary, the quality and class of the chosen feed is more important. This myth is supported and supported by many, many manufacturers, among which, among other things, there are low-quality feeds. In this way, you can sell several cheap cans and “load” dry food, and of course, form the habit of buying food on your own.

However, there are many examples of high quality pet food manufacturers who only produce dry or only wet food. And if your dog or cat loves to eat dry food of some brand XXX and canned food of some brand YYY, then why deny him this pleasure? The production of pet food in the world is arranged in such a way that each factory specializes in either dry or wet food. Different brands place an order at the factory for the production of their products according to the original recipe. Thus, the same brand of dry and wet food for cats and dogs can be produced in different countries or even in different parts of the world. Therefore, there can be no question of any “identity” or “compatibility” of products. If we take cans of different brands produced at the same factory, we will see that they have the same packaging, density and composition. Of course, each brand has its own recipe, but the same factory uses the same ingredients, which can be used to judge, including quality. It is unlikely that premium and economy grade cat or dog food will be made in the same factory.

2.Eating dry food can cause various diseases.

In our opinion, good quality dry food with enough water will not cause problems.

Dry food for cats and dogs. benefit and harm․

Diseases in cats and dogs are caused by different reasons. Poor quality wet and dry food can indeed lead to metabolic disorders or hereditary diseases in cats and dogs. Properly selected quality food (whether dry or wet) cannot harm the health of a cat or dog. In addition, animals fed a balanced diet live longer and fuller lives.

3.If the pet eats food normally, there is no need to change the diet.

Our opinion. Healthy pets are encouraged to change their food regularly, the key word here is “healthy pets”. This is well understood by owners of allergic dogs or cats who have tried dozens of foods before finding the right one. In this case, the diet should not be changed. But for a healthy animal without chronic diseases, it makes sense to change food from time to time (every 3-6 months). Without lowering the bar of quality, of course.

4.The vet/breeder always recommends the right feed and pet owners should follow it

Our opinion. expert opinion should always be heard.

Most pet breeders truly love animals and only want the best for them. But breeding and selling pets is, first of all, a business, and mediation in the sale of feed and the promotion of specific brands is a source of additional income. Therefore, everything that the breeder advises should be listened to, but not taken as the ultimate truth. With veterinarians, the situation is somewhat more complicated, the veterinarian has a medical education (and therefore adheres to the principle of “do no harm”) and can really recommend the “right” food for the health of the animal. Well-known manufacturers of food for cats and dogs have lines of veterinary foods that are prescribed for certain diseases.

5. Grain-free feed is better than grain-based feed.

Our opinion. if the animal does not have a grain intolerance, then quality feeds with a grain content are no worse than grain-free ones. Many people think that Holistic food should be grain-free. This is not true. Grains, vegetables (such as sweet potatoes) or legumes (peas, lentils, etc.) can be used as a carbohydrate source in holistic medicine. As a general rule, the lower the glycemic index (GI) of a carbohydrate source, the “healthier” the food can be considered.

By taking care of your dog and cat and the right formula for feeding, you will prolong its life.

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