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BlogDifferent types of pet toys: Choosing the right toys for mental stimulation and physical exercise

May 23, 20230

Types of pet toys: How to choose toys for mental balance and exercise? How to distract our soft friends from house destruction? Well, of course, the best solution is to buy special pet toys. For animals, it is not only a toy but also a very important element for training and learning. There are several types of pet toys:

1- Toys with catnip,
2- interactive games,
3- laser toys,
4- toys with combs,
5- toys for hygiene and care
6- soft toys.

photo about pet toy for dog

Toys with catnip

There are many options, from wooden sticks to stickers filled with catnip. Veterinarians urge to use such toys cautiously because such toys can cause allergic reactions.


Interactive games

They can be different, with holes in which various small objects are included, labyrinths with rolling balls. They are all bright colors, emitting mechanical sounds and the price is not so affordable. Interactive pet games may not be as enjoyable for owners as they are noisy, but they are useful for pets as they develop their intelligence and occupy them when they have left alone at home.


Laser pet toys

We’ve all seen cats attack red light, there are now special laser pet toys that will shoot the red light in different directions for you. It’s important to never shine the light directly into the animals’ eyes when using these toys, as it can damage eyesight.


Pet toys with humps

To train a dog, two things are needed: a toy and a hummus. Such toys are considered two in one. In our stores, you can find <<Ferribiella>> brand balls with holes at the ends. Such toys are pleasant for dogs. It is important here that such toys should be made of quality and high raw materials, which is guaranteed in our stores, and it is also important to choose the right size. For large dogs, you need to choose large toys so that they cannot swallow or bite any part. And you should not forget an important, thing is that kibbles should not be too large so that the animal does not refuse it as main dry feed.


Soft toys

Almost all dogs have a favorite soft toy. Well, they are very different in size and shape: happy bananas, carrot, woven with cotton thread, stars, watermelon, hot dogs, eggplant, strawberry, etc. By the way<<Ferribiella>> is considered the most beautiful toy company in the world. Playing with soft toys is good, but it is important that they must be without small particles, or buttons, which the animal can swallow. Here too, it should be remembered that the toys are made of high-quality raw materials.


Toys for hygiene and care

This is not more of a toy, but an accessory. Such items are not only toys but also hygiene and care items. There are many types, for example, toy brushes with a special bumpy surface for the oral cavity, which have a menthol flavor. You will definitely like this and your four-legged friend too. The other option is to wash the paws. This toy is a convenient option for owners who love to walk and stay clean. By dipping the paw into a bowl full of foam, it will clean and cause interesting sensations for your pet.


What kind of toys to choose for a dog?

Bones – great anti-stress for dogs, they promote the development of hunting senses and help avoid dental problems. Balls and other toys promote the development of the locomotor system, as well as develop attention and intelligence.


What kind of toys should you choose for puppies?

For puppies, you can buy soft toys or softballs that make sounds. For those who are in a period of changing teeth, it is more appropriate to buy rubber bones with a bumpy surface. They relieve the itching of teeth and gums and also help not to spoil your household property.


What kind of toys to choose for old dogs?

It is advisable to buy toys with a soft surface for old animals.


What kind of toys to choose for cats?

As you know, cats love balls, and there are also puzzles that develop intelligence. With such toys, cats can play by themselves. And to play with their owners, it is very convenient to use special sticks, laser lights, and mice with remote control.


What should you pay attention to when buying pet toys?

Just because a toy looks cute and attractive doesn’t mean it’s worth buying. Make sure it’s big enough that your pet can’t swallow or bite it. It is very important that the toy is made of high-quality raw materials, without small objects such as buttons, or threads, which are easy to chew and tear.


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