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BlogThe importance of regular visits to the veterinary clinic for animal health

August 9, 20230

Regular visits to the veterinarian are very important for dogs and cats at all stages of their life. This is especially important when you have just bought a pet home, as he will need to undergo special tests, deworming and vaccinations. Regular examinations of the dog in the veterinary clinic will have a positive effect on its growth and development at different stages of life.

A trip to the veterinary clinic with a puppy

If you have a puppy, the first thing you should do is take it to the vet. The first visit to the clinic includes an external examination of the pet, deworming, stool examination, testing and vaccination, and advice on animal care. Before visiting the clinic, make a list of questions in advance, and also prepare all the information about the health of the pet provided to you by the breeder. You should be back in a few weeks for the next vaccination.

When your puppy grows up, he will somehow have to visit the veterinary clinic in case of diseases, as well as for preventive examinations. An annual visit to the clinic will allow the veterinarian to conduct an external examination of your dog. This process includes measuring body temperature, a general assessment of the condition of the heart, lungs, stomach, teeth, eyes, ears, skin and hair. It’s important to keep up with your annual veterinary clinic visits so the veterinarian can monitor your dog’s health and stay in touch with you.

Other reasons to take your puppy to the vet

In addition to annual checkups, there are several other reasons why you should visit a veterinary clinic. Because puppies and kittens are restless and mischievous, they may experience common illnesses such as ear infections, urinary tract infections, bacterial infections, skin allergies, and intestinal diseases. Another important reason for visiting a veterinary clinic is the sterilization of a dog, which should also be agreed with a veterinarian.

How to make a visit to the veterinary clinic effective?

A trip to the vet can be stressful for you and your dog. There will be many unfamiliar places, smells, sounds, people and animals that can distract or scare the pet. Here’s what you can do to make your visit to the veterinary clinic less stressful.

1.Play with your puppy or take him for a walk before going to a meeting. This will give him the opportunity to relieve nervous tension, and also prevent possible stress in the veterinary clinic.

2.If your dog is small enough, consider taking him to the vet in a special dog carrier. It will protect the puppy from aggressive animals, and will also prevent him from escaping. If he is sick, this will give him the opportunity to rest. Also, put a blanket and a toy that your pet usually sleeps or plays with in the carrier to calm him down.

3.Try to calm the dog while you wait your turn. Pet her often and talk to her in a calm voice to help her relax. When you enter the vet’s room, ask the vet if you need help keeping the dog. Clinic staff usually have experience with nervous and fearful animals, but if you think a dog will feel more at ease in your arms, it’s worth a try.

4.Veterinary clinics and hospitals are usually very busy. If you need more time to talk to the veterinarian, be sure to schedule this during your visit and avoid visiting the clinic during peak times.

Take your pet to the veterinarian regularly for weighing and examination. The more often the veterinarian meets with your dog, the better he will be able to understand your dog’s needs and the better your pet will feel at the veterinary clinic.

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