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BlogWhat bedding to choose for cats?

September 5, 20230

Domestic cats are considered full members of the family. Many owners try to create the most comfortable living conditions for animals at home. Cats are bought not only the necessary accessories, toys and food, but also some things for a comfortable stay, bedding for cats.

Pet product manufacturers make custom cat beds in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, which you can buy in pet stores

Here we will discuss why a cat needs a bed, what types and sizes of beds exist, what is better to choose for a pet, the features and benefits of installation and use.

Does a cat need a bed?

Cats are gentle pets that love comfort and relaxation. For sleep and relaxation, they often choose a bed or their owner’s favorite sofa. If the owner is against such a neighborhood, he can buy a special bed for his pet.

Benefits of using beds.

The cat will not look for a place to rest and sleep in the master’s bed or linen closet. There will be no hair and dirt on furniture and things.

Cats need their own space at home, where they feel calm and independent. A bed is the best option for creating an individual space for pets.

Some bed models are equipped with a special design with a cover to avoid sharp claws. The litter can become not only a favorite resting place for a cat, but also a comfortable scratching post. Thus, this household item will prevent furniture, walls and other surfaces from being damaged and scratched.

Shapes and sizes

Manufacturers make beds for cats of all shapes and sizes. When choosing a product, the size of the animal and its behavior are taken into account. If the cat likes to sleep stretched out, choose a model with a spacious bed.

For medium-sized cats, beds with a surface length of 40-50 cm are optimal; for pets of large breeds, it is better to choose bedding for cats with a sleeping surface of at least 60 cm.

The shapes of the beds are varied: round, square, rectangular, in the form of various objects, like huts. Here you have to rely on personal preferences and free space in the house where you plan to place a cat bed.

Materials for making beds

Beds are made from different materials. Preference is given to soft fabrics with an easy-to-clean surface. When choosing a bed for sleeping a cat, pay attention to the filler. It must be hygienic, this will eliminate the development of pathogens in the structure of the product and the care of cats.

Cat beds (types of cat beds)

Cat beds are presented in a wide variety with a wide selection of designs: houses, baskets, transformers, heated models, in the form of a hammock, caves and more.

How to choose a cat bed?

Consider the nature and preferences of your pet when choosing a cat bed. See what places and positions your cat likes to sleep in. If he is looking for rest, buy a closed bed. For active and attentive animals, hammocks, sofa beds and other open models are perfect.

How to accustom a cat to a sofa or bed

You can put your pet’s favorite toy in the crib. Some owners also use liquid catnip, the smell of which is especially attractive to cats. It is important. do not force the pet to bed, this will not give a positive result. The animal must independently show interest in the new litter and decide for itself a place to sleep.


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