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BlogHow to choose the best dog and cat food?

July 10, 20230

Pet owners regularly ask this question, especially when they find a torn slipper or a gnawed wooden table leg. And this is no coincidence, because a balanced diet affects all areas of the life of a four-legged pet. You have probably witnessed how the behavior and lifestyle of a dog changes depending on the diet and food. Today we will answer some questions:

1- Why is this happening?

2-How to choose the right food for dogs and cats?

3-How can it help prevent a number of health problems?

4-What to feed a dog during pregnancy?

5-What food to buy if the dog has an allergy?

Dog age

And let’s start from the very beginning: how old is your four-legged miracle? Yes, dogs’ needs for certain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals change over time, just like humans. So, forget your grandmother’s habit of feeding all dogs barley porridge from one bowl. Next, we will learn how the choice of dog food depends on their age.

Puppy food

If he is still a puppy, you should know that a lot of protein is needed for the development of a young organism. Calcium is also needed by all puppies for the development of teeth and bones, but puppies of small breeds feel the need for it much less than puppies of large breeds.

Puppy or Junior branded puppy food is made specifically for newborn puppies, plus puppies have a faster metabolism, are more active and burn more calories than adult dogs. That is why we strongly recommend that you feed your puppies with the right food now to reduce the likelihood of this or that disease in a few years. In our stores you can buy world-famous Brit and Carnilove brands of puppy food. of this age: Brit care puppy, Brit junior, Brit fresh beef, Carnilov puppy.

For adult dogs

If your pet has already grown up, then you need a balanced adult food called Adult. Also divided by size: small breed, medium, large. This dog food contains all the necessary ingredients (especially calcium and phosphorus), carbohydrates and vitamins for a healthy and happy life for a dog. At this stage, pet care becomes easier, so just bring more joy into your pet’s life and make sure that he will not be overweight. In our stores you can buy the world famous Brit and Carnilove brands of food for dogs of this age: Brit Care Adult, Brit Adult, Carnilove Adult.

For older dogs (Senior)

The diet of older dogs is more dietary because they don’t need as much energy as they used to. In this case, look for products labeled “Senior” or “Sensitive”. In our stores you can buy world-famous Brit and Carnilove brands for dogs of this age: Brit care Senior, Brit Senior, Brit Fresh turkey.

How to choose dry dog food depending on their breed?

This is another important issue related to dog feeding. Do not skip this point, let’s take a general look at what types of granules are:

Small breed – for small breeds such as Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, Miniature Schnauzer, etc.

Medium breed – is the ideal food choice for medium breeds: Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Beagle, Jack Russell Terrier, but please note that in general this size is suitable for all breeds of dogs.

Large breed (or Giant) – for large and huge dogs, such as: Labrador Retriever, Staffordshire Terrier, German Shepherd

Feed classification

We will consider the next point of fodder selection according to their classes:

Economy class

Premium class

Super premium class

Holistic, grain-free

Economy class

As the name suggests, economy class is the most affordable option. They are usually made from grain and soy, and the “meat” component is at best second-rate chicken fat, bone meal and preservatives, which the doctors of our center do not recommend.

Super premium class

Super premium food is made from natural meat that has undergone proper heat treatment and has all the necessary quality certificates. Such food does not contain harmful additives. For an attractive smell, natural fish and meat broths, dill and rosemary spices are used in its composition, which in turn is considered a natural preservative.

Complete or Holistic

Holistic is one of those products that is made from sustainable ingredients. They are properly labeled and certified as safe to consume. The composition (depending on the manufacturer) contains up to 80% of natural fresh meat, vegetables, fruits and spices. Thanks to fresh meat, the food has the most attractive and natural smell for the pet.

What to feed a dog with allergies?

If an allergic reaction occurs in a dog, it is necessary to carefully check and analyze the composition of the new food. It is strictly forbidden to use dog food containing corn, soy, wheat and their derivatives (bran, husk, flour, gluten, etc.), salt (potassium chloride, sodium chloride), artificial flavors, sweeteners, sugar, flavor enhancers, dyes. Grain-free products that do not contain grains, etc. Manufacturers hydrolyze protein into amino acids, so taking such foods is not considered stressful for the dog’s body. As with drug treatment, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian before changing the dog’s diet. you can buy Brit hypoallergenic veterinary diet specially for allergy sufferers from us.

What kind of food is needed for nursing dogs?

Some manufacturers, such as Brit, do not release a separate Starter formula. They have tailored their Puppy formula for 21-day-old puppies and their mothers.

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