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BlogAnimal health. The importance of regular check-ups and how often your pet should visit the vet

June 23, 20230

According to the latest data from the National Survey of pet owners, 70% of families in the USA have at least one pet. Despite the countless advantages of owning a pet, the most important is regular health care, which requires regular visits to the vet. The American Association of Veterinary Clinics states that all pets should be examined at least once a year.

It is important to keep up with general medical examinations of your pet, especially in the first year of its life, in order to ensure healthy growth and detect early clinical signs of anxiety. the health of your pet before the appearance of any clinical signs of illness or injury. How often you should examine your pet is influenced by a number of factors, such as the breed of the animal or the current stage of its life. Visit more often to check and diagnose persistent diseases. Some of the standard questions the vet asks are related to your pet’s worms, detailed medical history, past vaccinations, daily food and water intake, recent injuries, etc. e. important part of the diagnosis. Many pet owners are afraid of the high costs of frequently scheduled visits to veterinary clinics, which ultimately does not correspond to reality. Regular visits can help detect early clinical signs of the disease and increase the life expectancy of your pet.

Another reason why pets, especially cats, do not like to go to regular check-ups is that it is too difficult for them to leave their territory. For work they need to know history (feed, health condition, vaccinations, environment, breeding, hygiene, etc.) and check body mass, temperature, heart rate and pulse rate, breathing rate, as well as head and foot examinations as follows.

Eyes and ears

To avoid eye or ear infections, pets should be checked for discharge, inflammation, redness, unevenly sized bulbs, etc. If your pet has eye discharge, it could be, for example, an allergic reaction.

Ears and paws are very difficult parts that a veterinarian should check, because these areas are unsuitable for a pet. You can distract your pet with some positive associations, such as treats, cookies, toys, etc. This will help you teach your pets to trust others with their paws, ears and other areas that need checking.

Heart, stomach and lungs

The veterinarian uses an endoscope to assess the frequency and rhythm of the heart, as well as for pathological sounds in the lungs, difficulty breathing and the presence of fluid in the chest. These serious indicators are often suppressed by coughing, shortness of breath or a general lack of energy in pets.


Veterinarians should evaluate the muscles of the pet in the load position, check for fractures, pain during movement, etc.

Օral cavity and skin

A clean mouth and skin are incredibly important for a pet’s health. Excessive accumulation of tartar in the mouth can also be a big problem, along with redness or inflammation of the gums, indicating gingivitis, and excessive growth of bacteria in the mouth, which can harm other body functions and organs. There are many hygiene products that help prevent such problems.

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