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BlogHygienic accessories for dogs. what do you need

October 18, 20230

People actively use modern hygiene products. But, of course, not everyone knows that there are similar special products for animals. They make caring for your pets easier. Eliminates unpleasant odors, is convenient for travel and improves the quality of life for sick or elderly pets. Let us tell you in more detail why diapers, dog belts, pants and other hygiene accessories are suitable; you can buy such accessories in pet stores.

Diapers for animals

These hygiene products are similar to baby diapers, but have a hole for a tail. They protect against leaks, absorb liquid secretions, and collect excrement, which solves many hygiene problems. When such products were not available in pet stores, sheets had to be added or constant cleaning had to be done.

Pet diapers are used for a variety of reasons:

If kittens or puppies that have not yet learned to go to the toilet are left alone at home for a long time;

For older animals suffering from urinary incontinence;

In case of exacerbation of diseases of the genitourinary system;

In case of severe pathologies, when the animal cannot reach the toilet;

To prevent your pet from licking an open wound or fresh stitches in the groin area;

For recovery after operations;

When it is necessary to protect interior items from hot male traces and female secretions;

To prevent unwanted pairings;

For long trips.

The animal remains dry and clean, can move freely, and the owner spends less time maintaining order and more time communicating with his pets.

How to choose dog diapers

Focus on basic dimensions.

Waist: To determine the size of this area, measure the middle of your pet’s abdomen with a tape measure or tape measure. Size ranges may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so when purchasing this grooming product, compare your dog’s waist size to the numbers on the diaper packaging.

Animal weight. Approximate Dimensions:

up to 4 kg – XS (toy terriers, Yorkies, puppies)

from 4 to 7 kg – S (Pekingese, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle, Chihuahua)

From 6-7 to 12 kg – M (French Bulldog, Beagle, Mobs)

From 10-12 to 15 kg – l (cocker spaniel, fox terrier)

From 15 to 20 kg – XL (Doberman, husky, collie)

From 20 kg – XXL (Rottweiler, Alabai)

Hygiene rules

Braces are very comfortable, but they cannot be worn for several days without being removed. This can contribute to irritation, allergies and open sores. Follow a few simple rules to avoid problems.

Change diapers immediately.

Take a short break when changing clothes to allow your pet’s skin to breathe.

If necessary, treat the skin with powders, ointments and antimicrobial agents. If diapers will be used continuously, the animal should be washed daily.

Dog pants

These are sanitary panties for hot weather. The trousers are made of lightweight and durable material with a tail hole, fasten at the waist and have an internal pocket for an absorbent pad.

Each manufacturer has its own size chart. Look at the cut and waist circumference indicated on the packaging.

Our pet stores sell only high-quality hygiene products designed taking into account the anatomical characteristics of animals. Your pets will feel comfortable, and you will get rid of unnecessary hassle. Our specialists will always help you choose diapers, belts and panties for dogs.

Of course, you should also take care of eye and ear hygiene. Such hygiene items can be purchased at pet stores. Such procedures should be carried out 2-3 times a week.

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