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BlogWhat should you consider when choosing a dog kennel?

October 3, 20230

Without the attention of the owner, the dog is capable of “vandalism” – damage furniture, gnaw through wires, break a vase and much more. To prevent this from happening, you need to buy your beloved dog a good kennel. There are several types of them: cage, playground, large cage, etc.

What is a cage?

The cage is made of durable metal to securely insulate the dog during transport. It should be spacious so as not to hinder the movement of the animal. A large cage can be used for permanent residence of small dogs. At the same time, it should have all the bowls, toys, bedding and toilet necessary for the dog. You can buy such cages at pet stores.

A playground is the same cage, but without a roof. It has a diameter of 1 to 1.5 meters. It is made of metal mesh or fabric on a metal frame. Convenient to use in the absence of owners and in nature. The playground has a convenient folding design with a carrying handle. You can buy such toys at pet stores.

The large cage has enough space for the dog to move around. Suitable for keeping dogs and large breeds. It takes up a lot of space.

What is a kennel?

Finally, the kennel is a house where the dog sleeps, hides from the weather, whines, is sad or happy and waits for its owners. Can be placed in a fence or stand alone in a private area.

Kennel size has two calculation methods for selection.

The dog’s kennel should be appropriate to the size of the animal so that the dog can freely turn inward and lie down in a comfortable position. An excessively spacious kennel, in which the dog will wander from corner to corner, will cause difficulties in terms of insulation, and in a small one it will be uncomfortable.

How to chose a kennel?

When choosing a dog kennel, you should consider the shape of the roof, the size and safety of the entrance, as well as the internal contents.

To protect from snow and rain, the roof should be covered with tiles, roofing felt or wood.

The material of the kennel can be: concrete, metal, etc.

Favorable conditions for the health and comfort of the dog are created through high-quality feeding, sufficient physical activity and comfortable conditions for sleep and rest. A dog, like a person, is afraid of overheating and drafts. Typically, nests are made of wood, plastic, metal or concrete.

The material of kennel

Wood is the “ideal” material for any climate. A traditional log cabin is warm in winter and cool in summer. The wooden surface is susceptible to rotting, so it is covered with mixtures of paints and varnishes. Well, varnishes or paints cannot be used inside, so that the dog does not develop allergies and various kinds of reactions.

Modern non-toxic plastic does not absorb moisture like boards, but also does not retain temperature like wood. Metal and concrete are strong and durable, but you need to think about the temperature conditions in which the kennel will be used, because they quickly heat up in the sun and quickly cool down in cold weather.

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