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BlogMaking dog food at home: Benefits, risks and recipes for a balanced diet

May 29, 20230

The dog is a true friend and protector of the home and family. In order for him to be healthy and live a long and happy life, the dog must be properly fed. In this article, we will discuss the main types of dog feeding, the features, advantages and disadvantages of each of them, what feeding systems exist, and also list useful and prohibited foods for pets.

How to feed a dog at home? Basic Rules

Every dog, regardless of breed, needs good nutrition. The dog’s body is different from the human body, so it is unacceptable to feed the pet with everything that we eat. There are a number of foods that can cause serious digestive problems in dogs.

Basic rules for feeding dogs

1. It is forbidden to give something from the table, people use different additives and spices in food that can be especially harmful to the dog’s body.
2. Do not overfeed the animal. The daily ration is calculated taking into account the age of the dog and its breed.
3. The number of feedings is 4-5 times a day for puppies, and 2 times a day for adult dogs. During pregnancy, feeding and various diseases, the dog can be fed 3-4 times a day.
4. Daily feeding of the animal should be a source of useful nutrients for his body. 50% of the feed formulation should be meat and protein products, about 20-30% – cereals, about 20% – dairy products and no more than 10% – vegetables and fruits.
5. It is better to feed the dog on a schedule, for example, 1.5-2 hours before a walk or an hour after a walk.
6. Experts do not recommend additional feeding of the dog during the day. Supplementary nutrition is advisable only during physical training.
7. After feeding the dog, do not leave uneaten food in the bowl. The bowl must always be kept clean.
8. If several dogs live in the house, each of them should have a separate bowl for food and water.
9. Provide constant clean water.

Feeding dogs dry food

Ready-made dry food is a convenient pet food product that does not require the daily effort of preparing and calculating feed ingredients, as homemade natural food requires.
There are two types of ready-made dog food in the world: dry granular and wet canned food. If you choose dry food to feed your pet, it is very important that the dog always has fresh water.
The range of feed includes different manufacturers. All of them are divided into several categories: economy, premium, super premium and holistic.

Experts do not recommend buying cheap pet food that has a low-quality composition, as well as all kinds of additives and artificial flavor enhancers that are dangerous for the animal’s body. Such savings will lead to even greater costs for the treatment of a four-legged friend.

Some points on the choice of dog food

1. Consider the age and weight of the dog. All feeds are marked with a scale for which type of animal this feed product is intended. For example, there are special foods for puppies, pregnant and lactating dogs, neutered dogs, etc.
2. Carefully read the composition of dog food. Perhaps some ingredients are contraindicated specifically for your dog.
3. Pay attention to the production date, expiration date and food storage rules. Veterinarians of our clinic recommend choosing premium, super-premium or holistic (complete nutrition) foods that have a balanced composition and are beneficial for the animal’s body. These foods include: Brit Premium by Nature, Brit care, Carnilove.

Feeding your dog natural food

When preparing this type of food, it is necessary to calculate the daily dose required by the dog, taking into account its age and breed. Feeding such feeds can very often lead to bad indigestion, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. The owners cannot always prepare suitable feeds in time, use fresh products, etc. Your friend will not always like the recipe of natural feeds. Given the many such examples, veterinarians recommend the use of quality feeds, as they already calculate the correct daily dose, the amount of nutrients needed, etc.

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