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BlogFind the right balance. mix of dry and wet food for optimal pet nutrition

July 25, 20230


Sometimes owners need to supplement their pet’s dry food with wet food as recommended by

veterinarians, such as when a pet dog or cat is drinking little water, undergoing surgery, or

recovering from an illness. However, more often the owner is driven by the desire to pamper

the pet and diversify its diet. However, in order to follow this diet, in order to properly combine

dry and wet food, some rules must be followed.

Rule number 1: Combine foods of the same quality

Both wet and dry foods can be of different quality, primarily in terms of the content of meat

components in the basis of the diet. The main requirement of buyers for wet food is

completeness and balance, which should be specifically indicated on the packaging. The

composition of wet food should be dominated by meat components with the obligatory exact

indication of the source of raw materials, and fats should be only of animal origin. It is

undesirable to include wheat, sugar, artificial favors, thickeners and stabilizers in wet food.

Adding low-quality and defective protons to good dry food will not improve the pet’s nutrition,

but, on the contrary, will lead to a lack of certain substances in the pet’s body. Therefore, it is

necessary to select a good dry food with an optimal meat content and compare it with a wet

food product of the same quality, which is especially easy to do if these are ratons from one

manufacturer. Brit brand, which offers not only dry, but also wet food for both dogs and cats.

Both dry and wet food “Brit” are complete, that is, they contain the optimal balance of nutrients

that fully meet the physiological needs of cats and dogs, so they can be safely used both

together and separately, without worrying that pets have enough micro or macronutrients.

Rule number 2. The daily raton is very important, when mixing dry and wet food, it is important to consider not only their quality, but also the quantity. 

Feeding a pet “by eye” is unacceptable and wrong. careless approach to portions of food over time will lead to the fact that the pet will

gain excess weight, which, in turn, will increase the risk of various diseases. The daily dose of

canned and wet food should be related to the dose of dry food, as we will explain with an

example. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, about 50 g of Brit Adult Lamb &

Rice is required for a 3 kg dog. dry food or about 300 g per day wet food Brit Lamb. If you

replace one third of the dry diet with wet food, it turns out that the dog should receive 33 g of

dry food and 200 g of canned wet food per day.

Rule number 3: Don’t mix different types of food in the same bowl.

Mixing dry and wet food in one bowl is only allowed if you are transferring your pet from one

food to another (here we talked about how to do this correctly and competently). This method

allows you to gradually introduce a new brand of product to the animal, reducing the possibility

of negative reactions from the gastrointestinal tract of a cat or dog. Our veterinarians

recommend combining wet and dry food, be sure to follow the above rules. In our stores you

can find quality food brands Brit and Carnilove.

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