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BlogMistakes to avoid when feeding your pet: tips for optimal nutrition

July 19, 20230

Proper food is the basis of your pet’s health, some people prefer to feed their dog or cat with natural food, others prefer dry food. In any case, a balanced diet is very important, and the mistakes of the owners can be very costly to the health of the animal. “We wanted the best, but it turned out as always” – as a result of such tactics and improper feeding, the metabolism of domestic cats and dogs is disrupted, diseases of the digestive, genitourinary, excretory systems appear, there can be many problems. Let’s talk about the most common feeding mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Abrupt change in diet. Imagine that you have been eating food prepared by your caring parents all your life, and now they put a can of food in front of you and say that this is your usual dinner. It’s a shame, isn’t it? – A dog or cat also cannot switch from natural food to industrial food and vice versa with a “click”. This should be done gradually, on average, the animal’s body adapts to new conditions in at least a week. Separately, we want to note the high-quality food. They need to be properly stored (therefore, it is better to buy them not by weight on the market, but in special stores and in packages), follow the instructions and feeding rules, buy premium and super premium, holistic class feed: Brit, Carnilov. They are balanced, fortified dry food and will not harm the pet’s body, unlike cheap and obviously low-quality food with additives.
  2. Too much is not good. You are used to your cat or dog eating a pot of porridge a day, and you offer your pet the same amount of food without worrying about the amount of food. Watch the amount, do not overfeed the dog or cat. do not hesitate, eat, ask for sad-eyed supplements, but then do not complain that your pet is gaining weight and has metabolic problems: Puppies eat often; up to 2 months they should be fed 5-6 times a day, from 4 to 7 months they are given 4 times a day, from seven months they are transferred 3-4 times. . Adult animals are fed twice a day, even once in extreme heat. Old cats and dogs eat 3 times a day.
  3. Feed mixed feed. If the pet refuses to eat, enterprising owners add a little dry food “for taste” to the porridge. Of course, the animal will eat such a wonderful mixture with great pleasure, but such food can hardly be called healthy. Do not give scraps from the table. You can combine dry food with canned food, soak in water, but it is not recommended to mix products from different manufacturers, they differ in their composition.
  4. Water is life. Fresh and clean water should always be in the water bowl, but it also happens that the animal refuses to drink water. Make sure that the animal always has clean and fresh water, especially on hot days.
  5. To each his own. Every cat and dog has different nutritional needs։ active animals require more energy, which means they need to be fed more. Babies and the elderly also have different needs, so pet food should be selected based on age, type of animal, health status, breed, etc.

Proper feeding will always keep your pet in excellent condition and significantly extend its life.

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